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ALL all and count along with the self-destruct lady
ALL all and fall out of your chair when the bridge is hit and everyone falls out of their chairs
ALL all and give the "Mirror, Mirror" salute when someone says "Starfleet"
ALL all and yell "Khaaannnnnn!!!" when someone says "you have the conn"
ALL all for "space" objects where their mundane counterparts would serve as well. examples: Vash's space shovel, anyone's glittery space pillow in their quarters
ALL all for a 47, or permutation thereof
ALL all for a clipboard pass. drink again if it's a TOS big clipboard
ALL all for a non-corporeal life form (gas being, energy being, thought being, etc.)
ALL all for a uniform fix
ALL all for an officers' meeting
ALL all for an unacceptable answer*
ALL all for any mention of late 20th century earth
ALL all for any mention of the exact number of crewmembers on a ship or station
ALL all for any unnecessary jump or dive
ALL all for homosexual undertones in dialogue or situations
ALL all for identity affirmation*
ALL all for self - referential Star Trek*
ALL all for someone else's log (besides the captain)
ALL all for the first appearance of any major character in an episode
ALL all for the same actor appearing in a different role*
ALL all for the same actor in a different occupation*
ALL All start drinking when a transport sequence starts and don't stop until everyone has re-materialized
ALL all when a character is sexually harassed by a holodeck character
ALL all when a character tells another character, "You're with me."
ALL all when a character utters the name of the episode
ALL all when a commanding officer takes both roles in "good cop/bad cop"*
ALL all when a crewmember is forced to wear an alien accessory (belt, collar, bracelet, etc.)
ALL all when a crewmember poses as a traveler from a faraway village
ALL all when a major character is in the brig
ALL all when a ship decloaks
ALL all when a ship flies through the debris of a destroyed ship
ALL all when a Starfleet character is addressed by their first name
ALL all when a Starfleet officer refuses to kill
ALL all when a system is offline
ALL all When an EPS conduit blows out
ALL all when an exploding panel sends someone flying- drink again if someone replaces them
ALL all when anyone runs or orders a diagnostic- drink the rest of your beer for a level 1 diagnostic
ALL all when engineering is evacuated
ALL all When someone asks for permission to speak freely
ALL all when someone attempts communication and fails
ALL all when someone does one last thing at a console before they get up
ALL all when someone does something on all frequencies
ALL all when someone drinks
ALL all when someone evolves into a higher life form
ALL all when someone gets laid
ALL all when someone is attempting to compensate
ALL all when someone is beamed directly to sickbay
ALL all when someone is in dress uniform
ALL all when someone is outside the holodeck, but dressed for a holodeck program
ALL all when someone is relieved of duty
ALL all when someone is showing skin
ALL all when someone is stranded or left behind
ALL all when someone is surgically altered to resemble another race
ALL all when someone is talked out of their weapons
ALL all when someone is the sole survivor of something
ALL all when someone mentions the Tal Shiar
ALL all when someone refers to a continent by compass direction ("the Northern Continent...")
ALL all when someone removes an access panel
ALL all when someone removes their comm badge (or someone removes it for them)
ALL ALL When someone reverses the polarity.
ALL all when someone says "get us (or them) out of here (or there)!"
ALL all when someone says "magnify"
ALL all when someone says "nacelles"
ALL all when someone says "on my mark... Mark!"
ALL all when someone says "subspace"
ALL all when someone says "with all due respect..."
ALL all when someone says something in an alien language, then translates into English
ALL all When someone says "prime directive"
ALL all when someone scolds or lectures a superior being
ALL all when someone sets their phaser for wide dispersal
ALL all when someone stops the turbolift
ALL all when someone stuck in the holodeck tries and fails to end the program
ALL all when someone takes "full responsibility"
ALL all when someone takes it in their quarters (or ready room)
ALL all when someone uses the holodeck to solve a problem
ALL all When someone yells
ALL all when someone's name is part of an access code or program name
ALL all when superior officer takes control of the ship or station
ALL all when the computer is scanned by an alien ship / computer /probe
ALL all when the computer says that a character is not aboard the ship or station
ALL all When the holodeck safeties are disengaged
ALL all when there are nazis in the storyline
ALL all When there is a reference to Native Americans
ALL all when there's a bypass
ALL all when there's a containment field
ALL all when two characters look like they're about to kiss, even though you know they're not
ALL any "emotionless" character when they totally show emotion
ALL any alien for a rant about how cool their fucked-up society is
ALL any alien when they curse in their own language
ALL any alien when they say "human" like it's an insult (Play Beer Trek, hu-man?)
ALL any Borg when "You will be assimilated." Finish your drink if the character actually is.
ALL any Borg when something is "irrelevant"
ALL any Borg when something is removed from a dead Borg
ALL any Captain for "No, wait! Why not take me instead?"
ALL any Captain when the captain defies orders and saves the day
ALL any Captain when they ask for more time
ALL any Doctor when the doctor gives orders to a superior officer
ALL any engineer when they give a repair estimate
ALL any Klingon when "it is a good day to die"
ALL any Romulan when a Romulan is undercover, or someone is undercover as a Romulan
ALL any Vulcan for the mind meld
ALL any Vulcan when ears are hidden under a hat or bandana etc.
ALL none for a briefly visible force field
ALL none for a garbled distress call
ALL none for a paradigm shift*
ALL none for a warp core breach
ALL none for an alien boarding party on the bridge
ALL none for Jeffries Tubes
ALL none for mention of (but not appearance of) a TOS character
ALL none for mention of or reference to Shakespeare
ALL none for shields dropping by a certain percentage
ALL none when authorized to exceed warp speed limitations
ALL none when something is venting plasma
ALL none when Starfleet is "the Man"
ALL none when the crew suffers the same fate as the ship they're investigating
ALL none when the main deflector array is reconfigured for another purpose
ALL none when there is a logo of a race or group displayed on a screen
ALL none when there's a missing research team
ALL none when there's a probe
ALL none when you can see the holodeck grid
ALL Q when he's hitting on someone, or in bed with someone
ALL Riker any time Riker hits on ANY lifeform
ALL spock when something is illogical
DS9 all and yell "Dabo!" when someone else does
DS9 all for mention of "voles". finish your beer if the vole is seen
DS9 all for mention of, or appearance of the "Great Link"
DS9 all when someone implies that they've been talking to Morn
DS9 all when someone mentions that "no shapeshifter/changeling has ever harmed another"
DS9 all when someone mentions the Jem H'darr
DS9 all when someone mentions the Obsidian Order
DS9 all when someone says "the provisional government"
DS9 all Ferengi for ear/genital equivalance
DS9 Bashir when he hits on Dax
DS9 Dax for mention of any of her former lives
DS9 Dax when anyone hits on her
DS9 Dax when she's a guy
DS9 Dax when Sisko calls her "Old Man"
DS9 Eddington when he has a line
DS9 Garak when he's spy guy
DS9 Jake when he's black Wesley
DS9 Kira for her lacy white top
DS9 Kira when it's evident that Odo has a crush on her
DS9 Morn and say "Morn!" when you first see him
DS9 Morn when he's away from the bar
DS9 Morn when someone implies that they've been talking to Morn
DS9 none when someone says "Tarak Nor"
DS9 none when the wormhole closes
DS9 none when the wormhole opens
DS9 none when they go out of their way to avoid showing what was probably a pretty cool space battle
DS9 O'Brien when he has marital problems
DS9 O'Brien when he's in a counselling session
DS9 O'Brien when you see his dart board
DS9 Odo when he and Quark butt heads
DS9 Odo when he butts heads with Worf
DS9 Odo when he mentions his distaste for violence
DS9 Odo when he morphs
DS9 Odo when he warns Quark that he's got his eye on him
DS9 Odo when it's evident that he has a crush on Kira
DS9 Odo when you see his bucket
DS9 Quark when he tries to sell some crap
DS9 Quark when Odo warns him that he's got his eye on him
DS9 Quark when Rom stands up to him
DS9 Rom when he says "Moogie!"
DS9 Rom when he stands up to Quark
DS9 Rom when he's smart
DS9 Sisko and raise your glass and say "to the captain!" when someone calls him "Captain"
DS9 Sisko when he calls Dax "Old Man"
DS9 Sisko when he cooks
DS9 Sisko when someone refers to him as the emissary
DS9 Sisko when you see his baseball
DS9 Worf when he butts heads with Odo
ENT all for the terms "Captain's Starlog" or "hull plating"
ENT ALL when there's a water polo reference
ENT Andorian military personnel when Andorian soldiers address a human as "pinkskin."
ENT Archer when Archer takes off his shirt on an alien planet.
ENT Hoshi when she fucks up a translation
ENT Hoshi when she speaks in another language
ENT Mayweather when someone calls him Mister instead of Ensign
ENT Phlox when he blinks
ENT Phlox when his face expands
ENT Phlox when one of his sickbay "pets" makes noise or runs loose outside their cage
ENT Porthos for space beagle at first appearance in an episode.
ENT Porthos when he does something does something (barks, wags tail, etc.)
ENT Porthos when he eats cheese
ENT Reed when a reference is made to the British Royal Navy.
ENT Reed when he is shown eating
ENT Reed when his family is mentioned
ENT Trip when he talks about his sister
ENT Trip when someone calls him Tucker
ENT T'Pol when a reference is made to the terrible smell of humans.
ENT T'Pol when T'Pol gives Tripp a look of helpless adoration.
TAS ALL all TOS rules apply
TNG all the rest of your beer when there's a guy in a uniform miniskirt
TNG all when "authorized to exceed warp speed limitations"
TNG all when there's a crew recital / play / performance in Ten Forward
TNG all when they play poker
TNG Data for unnecessary precision
TNG Data Sees a member of his family
TNG Data when Data's resistance to gas/virus/bullets/etc saves the day
TNG Data when he "is attempting to do so"
TNG Data when he does something super-fast
TNG Data when he doesn't get it
TNG Data when his head is open
TNG Data when you see one of his paintings
TNG Data when you see Spot
TNG Guinan when she sets someone straight
TNG LaForge for Geordi-vision
TNG LaForge when he invents something
TNG LaForge when he rolls his chair from one station to another
TNG LaForge When he rolls under the door while engineering is being sealed off
TNG LaForge when he tells the bridge "we've got a problem..."
TNG LaForge when his visor is altered for evil purposes
TNG LaForge when you can see his eyes
TNG none the rest of your beer for a saucer separation
TNG none when you can see out through the top of the bridge into space
TNG Picard when he crosses his legs like a girl
TNG Picard when he says "I appreciate your concern..."
TNG Picard when he says "make it so"
TNG Picard when he says "Engage"
TNG Picard when he uses a loophole in negotiations
TNG Picard when he wears his sude uniform
TNG Picard when you see his flute
TNG Riker and sing "Action MANNNN!" when he walks in like he's "Action Man", or stands like he's Action Man
TNG Riker for "rrrrred alert!"
TNG Riker when he passes up a commission
TNG Riker when he squints in anger or derision
TNG Riker when he steps over a chair to sit on it
TNG Riker when he's scamming chicks
TNG Riker when you see his trombone
TNG Troi when she changes her outfit
TNG Troi when she makes that face. you know what we're talking about.
TNG Troi when she mentions or eats chocolate
TNG Wesley when he wears a sweater
TNG Wesley when he's a dork. actively, not just standing there
TNG Worf when he does an open-fisted Worf Punch
TNG Worf when he gets his ass kicked
TNG Worf when he has a hard - on for Troi
TNG Worf when he has a hard - on for violence
TNG Worf when he's a pussy Klingon (actively, not just standing there)
TNG Worf when you see the statue in his quarters
TOS all for a close-up of a hand holding a phaser
TOS all for hazy chick filter
TOS all for obvious stunt doubles
TOS all for reaction to an invisible pain force
TOS all for Starfleet panties
TOS all when an artificial intelligence is confused into submission
TOS all when someone other than Uhura has the thingie in his ear
TOS all when someone puts a disk into a drive
TOS Bones "He's dead Jim!"
TOS Bones when he antagonizes Spock
TOS Bones when he bitches about using the transporter
TOS Bones when he injects himself
TOS Bones when he's in short sleeves
TOS Chapel when she loves Spock
TOS Chekov see Teegar Taylor's Mr. Chekov Drinking Game
TOS Chekov when he claims something was invented/discovered by a Russian
TOS Chekov when he substitutes 'W' for 'V' or wice-wersa
TOS Kirk for any of his 17 violations of time-travel protocol
TOS Kirk for that lighting on his eyes
TOS Kirk when he does a double-fisted Kirk punch
TOS Kirk when he fights someone from his past
TOS Kirk when he grabs a woman by the shoulders
TOS Kirk when he steals someone's woman
TOS Kirk when he's bluffing
TOS McCOy Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor, not a [ fill it in ]!
TOS none for 1st appearance of the monster
TOS none for an evil paradise. finish your beer if paradise is destroyed.
TOS none for fake boulders thrown, or heated with a phaser
TOS none for the whistle
TOS none the rest of your beer when a red shirt survives an away mission
TOS none when a red shirt gets killed
TOS none when an alien species does not have love, sex, or kissing
TOS none when God is a computer, or vice-versa
TOS none when the force field light bulbs go off
TOS none when the turbolift changes direction
TOS Scotty for bogus Scottishisms
TOS Spock for references to his satanic appearance
TOS Spock for the nerve pinch
TOS Spock for unnecessary precision
TOS Spock when Chapel loves him
TOS Spock when he coldly and logically persues the mission, while Bones argues, "We've got to save Jim, dammit!"
TOS Spock when he fights with Sarek
TOS Spock when he raises an eyebrow
TOS Spock when he says "fascinating"
TOS Spock when someone uses "Vulcan" as an expletive
TOS Spock when they cut to him for a "no-reaction" shot
TOS Sulu when he confirms the warp or course
TOS Sulu when he hits on someone
TOS Uhura when she leaves the bridge
TOS Uhura when she sings
TOS Uhura when she takes the thingie out of her ear
VOY all when someone mentions "70,000 light years"
VOY all when someone mentions bioneural gel packs
VOY ALL when there's a Captain Proton reference
VOY all when you see a picture of a crew member's family/lover/dog in the Alpha Quadrant
VOY Chakotay when he explains something in his native language
VOY Chakotay when he makes goo-goo eyes at Janeway
VOY Chakotay when he toes the Starfleet line against his fellow Maquis
VOY Chakotay when you see his space peyote
VOY Doc when he says "please state the nature of the medical emergency"
VOY Doc when he's upset about not being turned off
VOY Doc when Kes tells him how to have bedside manner
VOY Doctor when he gets close to having a name
VOY Janeway when her hair comes out of the bun
VOY Janeway when she makes goo-goo eyes at Chakotay
VOY Janeway when she says "Report!"
VOY Janeway when she shows her deathwish
VOY Janeway when she stands like Robin Hood
VOY Kes when she has a private session of mental training with Tuvok
VOY Kes when she tells the doctor how to have bedside manner
VOY Kim when he dies
VOY Kim when he dies
VOY Kim when Paris tries to corrupt him
VOY Kim when Torres calls him "Starfleet"
VOY Neelix and say "Neeeeelix!" in a screechy voice when anyone else says "Neelix"
VOY Neelix when he bullshits about knowing about the area of space they're in or the people there
VOY Neelix when he changes outfits
VOY Neelix when he fucks up in the kitchen
VOY Neelix when he recites a recipe
VOY Neelix when someone bitches about his cooking
VOY none a bottle of champagne if there's ever an episode that's as good as a TNG or TOS episode
VOY none the rest of your beer when Voyager lands
VOY none When anyone says "compensating!"
VOY none when something else from the Alpha Quadrant is in the Delta Quadrant
VOY none when the warp nacelles fold up
VOY none when they fire one of their precious and unreplenishable photon torpedoes
VOY Paris when he and Torres Kiss
VOY Paris when he tries to corrupt Kim
VOY Paris when he's scamming chicks
VOY Seven for a gratuitous camera "pan-up" of her backside
VOY Seven whenever her nanobots are reconfigured to solve some problem
VOY Torres when she and Tom Kiss
VOY Torres when she calls Kim "Starfleet"
VOY Torres when she is conflicted with being half-human
VOY Tuvok when he has a private session of mental training with Kes
VOY Tuvok when he's sittling in his corner of the mess hall


(all dialogue examples purely imaginary unless otherwise noted)

Good Cop/Bad Cop - typical Starfleet dressing down of a crewmember, followed by making nice. Example - Picard: "Mr. Worf, your actions were inexcusable! As long as you are a member of this crew, you will obey my orders, is that clear?" Worf: "Yes, sir." Worf turns to go. Picard: "Mr. Worf. <pause> nice work..." (or somesuch)

Identity Affirmation - when a character asserts who they are. This covers many situations, from McCoy saying "I'm a doctor, not a..." to Picard introducing himself to the captain of another vessel: "I am Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Starship Enterprise.;quot;

Paradigm Shift - once in a great while, something actually does change in the Star Trek Universe: someone dies, suddenly there are warp speed limitations, etc. We celebrate these occasions with a drink.

Self-referential Star Trek - mention of events or people from past episodes

Same Actor in a Different Occupation - "Directed by Patrick Stewart", etc.

Same Actor in a Different Role - just what it sounds like. Nurse Chapel/Lwaxana Troi for example.

Unacceptable Answer - when a crewmember responds with a line that is more dramatic than practical. Example - Picard: "Geordi, what's going on down there?" Geordi: "Something very strange..."

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