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Welcome to Beer Trek
The Greatest Star Trek* Drinking Game in the Universe!

The rules are very simple but are very vast. There are over 300 rules and counting; we have rules for every episode and all of the movies. They are called rules but they operate more as guidelines: drinking this much at once may have fatal consequences and is discouraged.

For new beer-trekkies, here's a step-by-step guide:
  • Step 1) Gather friends
  • Step 2) Find beers
  • Step 3) Watch Star Trek
  • Step 4) Drink at appropriate times
  • Step 5) ??????
  • Step 6) FUN

Main - the page you're reading now
Rules - when to drink and why
Advanced - full-on Beer Trek
Atmosphere - what's it like to play Beer Trek with us
Submit - send your rule ideas to us
Credits - contact the Creators

*Star Trek and its characters are properties of Paramount Pictures. No copyright infringement intended.

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