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Beer Trek - Atmosphere

Here's a look at what it's like to play Beer Trek with us, and some of the props we use to give our sessions a little more atmosphere...

Historical Note, 2006 - these pictures are now 10 years old, but we will maintain the page for history's sake

This is the Beer Closet, where we stockpile Jack's excellent homebrew for Star Trek Night. Chief O'Brien, Patron Saint of Beer Trek, smiles down on the equipment and keeps our beer frosty.

Here's the Botany Bay (oh no!) resting at the bottom of a mug of beer. Whoever has the Botany Bay can drop it into anyone else's beer. That person then must respond, "Oh, no!" and cannot re-deploy it until he finishes his beer.

This is the brig. Everyone ends up in there eventually, since the only way to the bathroom is through this doorway. Once in there, you're at the mercy of the people outside (unless you're Gary Mitchell or something).

*Drink for a briefly visible force field.

Here's the Ceremonial Pitcher. As you can see from the top and side views, it's made in the shape of the Enterprise insignia (TOS). Mike made this in pottery class, and it dispenses all the tasty beer on Star Trek Night.

This is the mic. We use this to announce the drinks during a session of Beer Trek. It's totally analog, and it makes a cool echo-y sound!

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